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The inaugural issue of is a snapshot issue, designed to give an impression of the range of graduate-level American studies in Europe. It contains six academic and five artistic contributions, as well as one piece by a professor in the field.

Prof. Dr. Anne Koenen
Sebastian M. Herrmann
Prof. Dr. Udo HebelGreeting by the General Editor of Amerikastudien/American Studies
2008 EditorsIntroduction
Judith Freiin von FalkenhausenThe Influence of Sigmund Freud’s Clark Lectures on American Concepts of the Self
Rosi SmithSeeing Through the Bell Jar: Distorted Female Identity in Cold War America
Stuart NobleDon DeLillo and Society’s Reorientation to Time and Space: An Interpretation of Cosmopolis
Johannes BarthelHybridity as a “Narrative of Liberation” in Trevor D. Rhone’s Old Story Time
Frank Cyba"An Older Light Than Ours": Faulkner's Reflections on Race and Racism in Light in August.
Konstantin ButzRereading American Hardcore: Intersectional Privilege and the Lyrics of Early Californian Hardcore Punk
Prof. Marina CamboniTwo John Smiths and a Tent
Jonathan DoreMuseum of Communism
Myronn HardyBlackberries
David MillsIlliterate Fish
Kathrin ZöllerHouse of Fiction

Editorial Team

The 1 (2008) editorial team is: Heather Carmody, Michelle Glauser, Sebastian M. Herrmann, Alexandra Pitzing, Lisa Sylvia Schönmeier, and Lars Weise. For more information on the 2008 editing team, see the project page.

Regional Distribution of Contributions

Regional distribution of contributions

Additional Material