aspeers 5 (2012) - American Food Cultures

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The fifth issue of centers around the topic of American Food Cultures and showcases the work of four authors currently studying American studies. It contains four artistic contributions from around the world as well as one article by a professor in the field.

Florian Bast
Prof. Dr. Anne Koenen
2012 EditorsIntroduction
Linda Richter“Could You Not Turn Your Back on This Hunger Country?”: Food in the Migration Process of German Emigrants, 1816-1856
Benjamin BauerAmerican Food Cultures
Andrew Warnes“Anything Else?”: Food, Fatness, and Frustration in the Short Stories of Raymond Carver
Porochista KhakpourBorn-Again Carnivorism
Koen Potgieter“This Disintegrating Force”: Reading Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie as a Narrative of Black Upward Mobility
Kaelyn WeestrandCake Art
Felix BrinkerHidden Agendas, Endless Investigations, and the Dynamics of Complexity: The Conspiratorial Mode of Storytelling in Contemporary American Television Series
Simone WesselsThe Food is Great
Sophie SpielerStephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series and the ‘Post(-)ing’ of Feminism

Editing Team

The team of graduate editors for this issue is: Alexandra Hähnert, Máté Vince Horváth, Diana Labisch, and Sevara Pan.

Regional Distribution of Contributions

Additional Material