aspeers 10 (2017)

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Stefan SchubertForeword
Prof. Dr. Carmen BirkleGreeting by the President of the German Association for American Studies
2017 EditorsIntroduction: Of Monsters, Frontiers, and Apocalypses: Ten Years of American Studies Graduate Scholarship
Carlo Becker“Every New Land Demands Blood”: ‘Nature’ and the Justification of Frontier Violence in Hell on Wheels
David Klein Martins“We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes. Haven’t You?”: Psycho and the Postmodern Rise of Gender Queerness
Renee de GrootWhat If the Pen Was Mightier Than the Sword? Civil War Alternate History as Social Criticism
Marijana MikićEnvironment and Emotion in The Revenant: A Cognitive Approach
Prof. Dr. Anne KoenenLittle Maison on the Prairie
Paul La Farge“I Think We’re Going to Need Some Scary Monsters”: An Interview with Picador Professor Paul La Farge
Reflections by Former Editors

Editorial Team

The 2017 editors are Brendan Day, Maria Gileva, Jenny Hoang, Caroline Lyle, Maša Ocvirk, Adam Pekár, Anna-Krystina Ramacher, Annika M. Schadewaldt, Jingya Shao, Nadine Wollmann, and Boris Alfred Artur Zielinski.

Additional Material