Greeting by the President of the German Association for American Studies

Great research has been done over the last decade by the editors of and contributors to the first and, as far as we know, currently only graduate journal in American studies in Europe. Therefore, it is quite fitting that aspeers: emerging voices in american studies celebrates the publication of its tenth issue in 2017. For a number of decades by now, the German Association for American Studies (GAAS) has emphasized the need for strong support of aspiring young scholars wishing to work in and to contribute important research to the interdisciplinary field of American studies. aspeers is a highly welcome and successful result of the integration of scholars of all ages and disciplines in the American studies community. It is only through mutual encouragement and cooperation that serious research and teaching will be able to counterbalance a phenomenon recently termed post-factual or post-truth that shapes a world in which countries are increasingly run by and through the social media and where one-sentence tweets determine foreign and domestic politics. On behalf of the GAAS, I congratulate aspeers on its tenth anniversary and wish the young graduate-student editors all the best for many more issues to come.