This fourth issue of aspeers, the second-largest since the project’s founding, is a welcome opportunity to look back at a success story that began in 2007 with the work on aspeers 1 (2008). Back then we had asked if there really was a market—demand and supply—for a graduate-level peer-reviewed journal of European American studies. The journal’s first issue, 180 pages of academic articles and creative contributions, gave a first impression of what the answer to that question might be. An even more convincing, even more powerful response has been given by the issues that followed: The regularity with which, since 2007, small teams of MA students at American Studies Leipzig have published their peers’ work has helped establish a publication channel that is, by now, well on its way to becoming an important element of European American studies education. This most recent issue, 159 pages in print, may well be seen to underscore this.

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