Daniel Gallant

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Daniel Gallant has a BA in First Nations Studies and currently is an MA student of Social Work at UNBC in Canada. He has worked as a counselor, researcher, and social service manager. Gallant started college at the age of twenty-six with a grade seven education, as part of a personal healing journey.

After surviving child abuse and then homelessness at the age of twelve, he had lived on the streets of several Canadian cities, for nearly two decades. Also, Gallant was involved with organized crime, gangs, and violent right-wing extremism. Now after attaining healing, with inclusionary elements of traditional First Nations culture, Gallant is a Canadian antiracist activist and published writer. Additionally, he presents to high schools, postsecondary institutions, professionals, and media on a variety of topics, e.g., how his published writing has been instrumental in processing traumatic, and sometimes intrusive, memories. Daniel Gallant’s autobiographical writing offers a unique reflexivity on Canadian culture.