Pamela Dewey

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Pamela Dewey has been practicing photography for close to twenty years, focusing on both single-frame images and large composite image constructions based on traditional quilt designs. More recently, her work has combined original photographs with oil paint in order to extend the meaning of the single-frame and multiple-frame narrative. The images submitted for Nature and Technology, Revisited, consider the plethora of images available following the July 2010 oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Images of oil gushing with tremendous force under extreme pressure where the pipeline had exploded, or lying on the surface in a kaleidoscopic oil slick, were at the same time terrible and beautiful to view, and they could not be avoided. This series imagines how such a spill would look like from an underwater perspective. It also tries to visualize the impact it had on marine life, using images of the California coastline taken over the last decade.