Nausica Irène Zaballos

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Nausica Irène Zaballos is a teacher of English as a second language at different Parisian universities and high schools. In December 2007, she completed her PhD about Navajo Health Care Delivery and the Transmission of Medical and Ritual Knowledge under the supervision of Professor Pierre Lagayette at Paris IV Sorbonne University. Her research on Navajo health care delivery will be published by L’Harmattan in the collection Acteurs de la Science. Zaballos has been a visiting researcher at the Center for Southwest Research (UNM), at the Santa Fe Laboratory of Anthropology, and at Diné College in Arizona. Her fields of interest include the history of medicine and American hospitals, acknowledgement of traditional therapeutics and psychiatric assessments, the American Southwest, jazz pianist Phineas Newborn, Jr., Jonathan Lethem, and the weird and zany.