Poppy Williams

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Poppy Williams is a Master of Arts by Research student, interested in exploring the particularity of historical fiction as a means of expanding our understanding of the history of enslavement. Specifically, this concern encompasses the varying representations of enslaved women in two generations of the Black women’s liberatory narrative tradition, reflective of the three significant historiographical developments influencing the arc of this literary tradition: enslaved women’s subjectivity; the mutable geographies of the slave trade; and the ambiguous allocation of responsibility for the enslavement and racial oppression of Black peoples. After completing her Master’s by Research, she will be taking a temporary break in her studies to teach English as a foreign language in Vietnam for five months. Nonetheless, on her return, Poppy’s future plans are to return to academia. She wishes to undertake a PhD, hoping to extend the discussions of implication and allyship begun in her Master’s thesis.