Annabel Friedrichs

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Annabel Friedrichs is a doctoral student in American studies at Leibniz Universität Hannover and member of the DFG Project “Contingency and Contraction, Modernity and Temporality in the United States, 1880-1920.” She earned her MA in Advanced Anglophone studies with a thesis called “Drawing Appeals: Femininity and Feminism in Nell Brinkley’s Graphic Art” in which she analyzed the employment of feminine visual for feminist political appeals. She expands her focus to female illustrators, femininity, and temporality in her dissertation “Imagining Change: Visual and Textual Representations of Femininity in Mass and Avant-Garde Magazines, 1880-1920” (working title). She has also (co-)written blog articles and conference papers on urban DIY movements, the entanglements of New York City’s parks and class, and the creative city, analyzing how feminine-connoted craft like knitting or sewing allows women to deconstruct and appropriate (gentrified) urban spaces. Despite her research interest, she is horribly bad at sewing and knitting.