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Jingya Shao is originally from Xi'an (the hometown of Terracotta Army), China. After fulfilling her undergraduate of English Studies at Xi'an International Studies University, she went to Germany, seeking for humanistic and compatible academic experiences which enable her to explore the potential immensely. During her stay in Germany, she has accomplished the C1 level of German and taken an internship in Lisbon. Meanwhile, she has been serving as Cross Culture Communication Activity Support Volunteer of Plan International China for several years. Currently, she is enrolled in MA American Studies at Leipzig University. She is especially fascinated with educational cultivating and humanistic ideology. She believes that studying humanities makes her a better human being, puts her in touch with human values and dilemmas, and helps her understand human conditions that she should not only commit herself to excellence but also exert a positive influence to others, even to the wellbeing of all mankind. She hopes that due to her exposure to both eastern and western cultures and humanism, she could become a robust and well-rounded person so as to contribute to the future of her community one day.