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Nadine Wollmann received her bachelor’s degree in American and English Studies with a minor in German literature from the University of Rostock, Germany. As an undergrad, Nadine developed a growing fascination for US-American concepts of and relationships with the natural environment as well as perceptions of Native American history and culture. Before she continued her studies at Leipzig University where she is currently enrolled as an MA student of the prestigious American Studies Leipzig program, Nadine also pursued her great interest in media and successfully worked as a freelancer, intern, and volunteer for various audiovisual and publishing companies. While she is particularly grateful for being part of the dynamic team of aspeers, the practical experience of editing and publishing an academic journal has enriched, complemented, and been invaluable to her professional training and development.

Nadine’s primary academic research interests thus lie in the field of ecocriticism, ecologically relevant topics, developments, and traditions which explore the interaction between humans and ‘nature’ and its impacts in US culture and society as well as contemporary issues and representations of Native Americans in literature and media.