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After finishing my BA in American Studies at Leipzig University in 2015, during which I spend two semesters at Ohio University as a BA Plus fellow, I decided to continue with the MA program right away. The broad interdisciplinary approach of the American studies program in Leipzig allows me to take in a multitude of different perspectives on ‘America’ while pursuing my own research interests and, at the same time, gaining valuable practical experience as part of the aspeers team of editors.

My academic interests lie within the fields of film and television studies, as well as online formats such as web series and multi-platform storytelling. In particular, I am interested in looking at the construction of gender and sexuality, as well as representations of the monstrous in these visual formats. Further, I am fascinated by notions of Los Angeles as an urban region and ‘dream machine.’ Outside of academia, I am passionate about filmmaking, photography, and awful puns.