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After I received my BA degree in American Studies from Leipzig University in 2013, I decided to spend some time in the working world and did a couple of internships, one of them in Vancouver, Canada. Even though I very much enjoyed the experience I gained during this time, I quickly realized that my passion still lies in American studies and thus decided to apply for the MA program at Leipzig University. Having traveled the Canadian West and the American West/Southwest, I returned to the academic world with an enriched cultural experience and understanding.

In the rather broad and wide-ranging field of American studies, my general interest lies in literature and culture. As I wrote my BA thesis on the representation of heteronormativity and queerness in David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, one of my major interests is queer theory. Furthermore, I focus on literary theory, animal studies, and the representation of gender, class, and consumerism in American popular culture, especially in movies and TV shows.