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I am a graduate of Translation and Interpreting Studies at Bo─čaziçi University, Istanbul. For my BA thesis I studied the impacts of nationalism and pan-Turkism on the translations of anthologies from Azeri to Turkish, which helped me combine a multitude of scholarly disciplines like translation, literature and politics. Alongside with my bachelor studies, I worked as an editor and translator for a publishing company, translated and wrote articles on current politics and social issues for a national newspaper, and published several translations as well as my own works in literary magazines. In September 2014, my article “The Use of Q-Clitic –mI in Non-Questions” was presented at the 17th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics by my advisor Dr. Didar Akar in Rouen, France. My academic interests are linguistics, political science, and sociology—particularly regarding the construction of childhood and impact of ideologies on language.