Ina Müller

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Born and raised close to the former inner German border, Ina Müller moved to Leipzig, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in American studies in 2010. She currently attends the Master’s program in Anglo-American Studies at Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Although always having been fascinated by details other people probably would not take a second look at, Müller became interested in photography as late as at the age of twenty and has not stopped taking pictures of random curiosities ever since. In her photographic work as well as in her studies, Müller is interested in human alienation and otherness, exploring themes like coming-of-age, the individual’s experience in the city, and zombies. She finds her subjects for photographs while taking road trips through Germany and Europe. For her future career, she hopes to turn her passion into her profession by becoming a photojournalist traveling the world.

Müller also keeps a visual diary which you can visit here: