Florian Jenett

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Valentin Beinroth and Florian Jenett are artists working in Frankfurt am Main. Both graduated in fine arts from the Offenbach Academy of Art and Design (HfG Offenbach). Although they are usually working each on their own set of ideas, they join up for a collaborative project from time to time.

Valentin Beinroth’s work oscillates between art and science. His recent, mostly conceptual artworks come in different media and often reflect the urge to specify, measure, and order things. For more information, please refer to his homepage at www.valentinbeinroth.com.

Florian Jenett’s work spans a large variety of media and forms. Coming from digital drawings, he currently focuses on everyday objects that he recontextualizes, modifies, hacks, relocates, combines, tunes, etc. to open up a new perspective on them. His work can also be found at www.florianjenett.de.