Daniella Gáti

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Daniella Gáti is currently an MA student of English at Universität Bern. Having finished an MA in economics, she is now outlining her MA thesis in English literature with the future aim of pursuing English as an academic career. However, as witnessed by the wide scope of her previous studies, Gáti also has a keen interdisciplinary interest and is eager to combine different modes and modalities of knowledge to increase her understanding of social phenomena. As a member of the Swiss Study Foundation, she is already engaging in dialogue with like-minded students from various scientific fields. Focusing on modern and postmodern literature, Gáti’s research interests include poststructuralist theory, Derrida’s theory of specters, conceptualizations of the Other, and the combination of close reading techniques with theory. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, making or watching theater performances, and traveling and engaging with foreign cultures.