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I grew up on a tropical French island, Reunion Island, and I moved to Strasbourg in 2009, where I started to study Political sciences. After a year I transferred to the University of Strasbourg where I obtained my B.A. in Languages and Cultures, Germanic Worlds, which included among others German Studies, English and American Studies, and Scandinavian Studies with a minor in Danish. I spent my full 3rd year with Erasmus at Leipzig University in 2012-2013. It made me decide to apply for the M.A. program in American Studies because it was the best place to combine all my interests. Those are especially focused on cultures – especially what builds identities –, languages as media for the cultures, and arts – more specifically (classical) music.  I cannot yet plan my future in detail but I am used to travelling a lot and living in different places, so it will probably include stays in other countries.