Digital Drawing on Procreate, 2019

Artist’s note: The piece combines notions of pride and shame in America focusing on the queer community.

The persons have no specific features, which is intended to represent the variety of queer identities. While some of them look down in shame, others have their heads held high in pride.

Emerging from their joined hands are the colors of the queer flag contrasted with the pink triangle, a badge of shame used in Nazi Germany to label homosexuals and those identifying as transgender. It has been taken up by American gay liberation advocates during the 1970s to point out the wrongs done to the community. The symbol has since been reclaimed as positive.

The Roman “L” represents the 50th anniversary of the Stone Wall Riots, a rebellion of the LGBTQ+ Community in the United States against police raids that took place in Greenwich Village, NY. The events are to this day thought of as acts of resistance that set the ground for the present ongoing fight for rights and equality of the queer in America.