Blue yet defining

0655071208 MUC

[picture: 160607 on the way to the ancient city Yaxchilan]



Blank spaces

mined with void, steel and wire

Big flags

waving in a warm soft wind

Large signs and dense sweat

on roaring nervousness

Camouflage with men in it

guarding one deep red line


I was expecting something

and sort of anything

out of the blue

yet not such a deep blue

gurgling and moving

peaceful but stirring


of glistering



you were just another blue line

on my manifold maps

of touristy expectation

combined with that red sign

of segregation

in the name of a myth

named nation


you are one wet barrier

on the many routes of her

who runs, jumps and rides

over red after line after line after red

into dreams and hopes and many lies

[spell paradise]

Every step – all that sweat – is a tribute to hope

and those horned-honored Stars and Stripes


Now water

after mountains and jungles

after green and brown

after up and down

Now blue

and peaceful and pulling

as if waiting

for some red


Now blue

nicely sparkling

patiently flowing

ever changing

Her dread



equals double risk

equals moving brisk

equals hidden eyes

equals pressure rise

equals red alert

equals hopes and dirt

sums up border-sequels



and yet defining



1Usumacinta River (spa. Río Usumacinta) separates Chiapas (United Mexican States) from Guatemala.