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After graduating with a BA in Politics from the University of Leeds in 2020, Charlie moved from the UK to Germany; first to start an MA in North American Studies in Cologne, before transferring to Leipzig’s American Studies program in March 2021. His interest in American history and culture started to grow as he eagerly followed Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, developing further while studying in Vermont in 2018. Charlie combines his academic background in political philosophy with an interest in contemporary American society, applying a critical theoretical lens to issues surrounding American climate justice and labor movements. In addition to this, he also has a keen interest in cultural history, particularly as it pertains to U.S. film history, as well as broader academic interests in ethnicity, nationalism, and cultural food studies. He hopes to continue his academic career by pursuing a PhD in the United States or Canada. When he’s not studying, Charlie enjoys going cycling, taking pictures, making coffee, and cooking elaborate vegan meals that usually involve a lentil of some kind.