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With the start of my studies in 2008, I was convinced that Communications and Media, my former major at the University of Leipzig, was the field I would eventually find my profession in. This changed in 2009 when I was offered the possibility to minor in American studies, which I immidiately agreed to. It took me one semester to realize how much more of a pleasure it was, and still is, to study in this rather unique field; I quickly changed majors and became an American studies student. It has been a love story ever since: after recieving my BA with a focus on politics, history, and society, I decided that I hadn't had enough yet and became a proud member of the ASL MA program. Since I have been indecisive throughout my studies, I refuse to plan my future in detail. I see myself either pursuing a PhD, or just moving to the US and trying to follow the American Dream. Whichever it may be, ASL has taught me one thing for sure: when it comes to America, my future is going to be demanding, restless, overwhelming, and most certainly, passionate. (N...)