Cake Art

Cakes by

Kaelyn Weestrand
Shakopee, MN, USA


Barbie Cake

The skirt of the Barbie Cake was constructed out of stacked cake layers, hand-carved with a knife, and iced in buttercream. Each pleated portion of the shirt was rolled out in varying shades of purple fondant and applied individually to the cake. A floral design was hand-stamped onto the front fondant skirt and sewing tracks were rolled on with a fondant tool. Over fifty gum paste flowers were molded, dried, and colored a few days prior to the cake assembly. The Barbie was safely wrapped in plastic wrap and inserted into the icing-covered hole that was carved into the middle of the cake. Final touches and sparkle were painted on the cake with a paint brush.

Lost Cake

The Lost Cake was stacked in layers before the island and waterfall were hand-carved with a knife. The land portion of the cake was iced in buttercream and airbrushed with edible color before the waterfall was filled in and airbrushed. White caps were hand-applied to the water with a knife. The bubbles were sugar pearls. Grass was piped on and the sand and soil were made out of crushed cookie. The numbers, letters, and seashells were handmade out of melted chocolate before being colored and glittered with a paint brush. A fog monster was created out of colored spun sugar and applied last on the cake to keep it from collapsing due to the humidity of the icing.

Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake was iced in buttercream before a cornelli lace pattern was piped on the layers. An edible glitter was then dusted on the lace with a paint brush. The more than one hundred gum paste flowers that adorned the cake were constructed individually over the course of approximately 40 hours. Each petal was rolled out by hand and each flower assembled on wire with gum glue. After fully drying for a few days, the flowers were then hand-colored and glittered with paint brushes. The flowers were then wired together in four sets, a cake topper and three groups of flowers to cascade down the side of the cake. The finished cake stood at over two and a half feet tall.