New Issue Now Available: aspeers 17 (2024) on "Transcending Time"

The seventeenth issue of aspeers is now available in print and online.

The issue features a number of contributions centering around the theme of "Transcending Time."

Graduate Contributions are by: Louisa Büsken: Seeking Refuge in Nature: Escapism and the Contemporary Pastoral Impulse in Cottagecore; Anne I. Bertram: The Parody Within: The Employment of the Parodic Mode in The Addams Family (1991); Christoph Friedrich Nostitz: Feeling American: Affect and Notions of (In)Security in Tucker Carlson’s Coverage of Derek Chauvin’s Trial; Richard Aude: Lines of Flight: Baseball as Afrofuturist Becoming in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

In addition, aspeers 17 (2024) contains a professorial-voice piece by Olena Boylu on "Discussing Time Through Literature," an introduction by the graduate editors, and a brief foreword.