New Issue Now Available: aspeers 14 (2021) on "Narratives of American Colonization and Imperialism"

The fourteenth issue of aspeers is now available in print and online.

The issue features a number of contributions centering around the theme of "Narratives of American Colonization and Imperialism."

Graduate Contributions are by: Andrew Wildermuth: “A Thing Apart”: Sonnet Poetics and Radical Politics in Claude McKay’s Harlem Shadows; Vincent Veerbeek: To (L)Earn Their Place in Society: Student Scrip and a Capitalist Education at Sherman Institute; Emma Charlotte Weiher: “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?”: Founders Chic and Narrative Awareness in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. Art Contribution by: Sabīne Sietiņa.

In addition, aspeers 14 (2021) contains an introduction, a message from the editors, and a brief foreword.

The aspeers house style was also updated to reflect a change in how words like 'Black' or 'white' should be spelled when they refer to an ethnicity.

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