aspeers House Style Updated

The aspeers house style has just been updated. Please see for the latest guidelines on writing articles intended for submission to aspeers, including information on documenting your sources and details about a few specific deviations from the MLA rules. The changes will go into effect with the ninth issue.

The updates reflect the current practices of editing used in aspeers. Besides minor additions, two new subsections have been added, one on translations (3.2.9) and one on documenting video games in MLA-style lists of works cited (3.2.10).

The most noticeable change concerns section 3.2.2 on documenting electronic sources, stipulating that the aspeers house style no longer includes the 'sponsor' or 'publisher' in entries for websites. As the house style explains, determining the sponsor/publisher of a website has become increasingly difficult in past years while, at the same time, contributing little information to identifying the source in question. This change is thus intended both to simplify the process of documenting web sources for authors and to increase readability of lists of works cited for readers by reducing unnecessary information.

If you have questions about or feedback on the aspeers house style while preparing your submission, please feel free to contact us.

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