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After spending two years working and traveling in Aotearoa-New Zealand and Australia, I embarked on my academic journey to study the anglophone world. In 2023, I received my Bachelor’s degree in British Studies from Leipzig University with a thesis called “Hybridity and Postcolonial Conceptions of Aotearoa-New Zealand in Keri Hulme’s ‘the bone people,’” which investigates how literature can be used as a tool for colonial resistance. After finishing my BA, I started to pursue a Master’s degree at American Studies Leipzig. More generally, my dedication revolves around anti-discrimination efforts, aiming to empower the public through disseminating information and fostering awareness about inequality. Therefore, I started supporting the Office for Equality, Diversity and Family Affairs at Leipzig University as a working student in November 2022. Academically, my current research interests focus primarily on the intersection of race, class, and gender in postcolonial US society, with a special emphasis on Native American Studies. Outside of academia, you can find me spinning pirouettes in the ballet studio.