aspeers 6 (2013) - American Memories

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Florian Bast
Prof. Dr. Anne Koenen
2013 EditorsIntroduction
Jared WyattDecolonizing the Minds
Anna BongersRemembering the Beginning: “All Electrons Are (Not) Alike” by Rosmarie Waldrop
Devin MurphyOpossum
Prof. Monica MichlinProfessorial Voice
Michaela Herbst... denn es war Krieg [... because it was War]
Svenja FehlhaberThe Anti-Experience as Cultural Memory: Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and the Vietnam War
Karolina SłupColonial Ain't Dead
Daniel GallantCameras
Katarzyna M. MikaMosaic of Ashes: Poetic Responses to 9/11
Ina MüllerWhat Happened In Vegas
Lena RinglebJacqueline Kennedy’s White House Tour: The Political Dimensions of a First Lady
Randal Eldon GreeneThe Old Man's Rocking Chair Is Moving Slower, Boy

Editorial Team

The 2013 editors are Ewa A. Adamkiewicz, Richard Bachmann, Florian Bast, Elisabeth Böhme, Eric W. Fraunholz, Katharina Gensch, Alexandra Hähnert, Máté Vince Horvath, Wiebke Kartheus, Theresia Lakomy, Erica L. Larson, Martin Opitz, Sören Schoppmeier, and Tyrone T. White, Jr.

Regional Distribution of Contributions


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