Prof. Marina Camboni

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Professor Camboni, the president of the AISNA Associazione Italiana di Studi Nord Americani, currently holds a professorial position at the University of Macerata in the area of Anglo-American Language and Literature, and she is the Director of the PhD Program in Comparative Literature. An important aspect of her scholarly work is dedicated to the American prose and poetry writers Walt Whitman, Hilda Doolittle (H.D.), Adrienne Rich and Anne Sexton.

Her publication Walt Whitman e la lingua del mondo nuovo (2004) is a collection of three of her essays paired with the three texts that Whitman explicitly devoted to American English. She also edited Utopia in the Present Tense: Walt Whitman and the Language of the New World (1994), the proceedings of the international conference at the University of Macerata. Marina Camboni also edited H.D.’s Poetry: “The Meanings That Words Hide” (2003) and published the bilingual edition H.D. Trilogia (1993), an annotated translation of H.D.’s Trilogy with an added biography and interpretative essay. Her most-recently published book is called H.D. La donna che divenne il suo nome (2007).

Professor Camboni has been the project coordinator of the national research initiative “Networking Women: Subjects, Places Links Europe-America 1890-1950. Towards a Rewriting of Cultural History.”