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In the American Studies MA program of Leipzig University, I have set myself a sufficiently expansive and mysterious goal coming from my previous major, Sinology. I have studied Chinese on and off for over ten years now, attending a boarding school in Shanghai for five months as a fifteen-year-old in 2008, and returning to China four more times after that. With political tensions and power dynamics shifting all over the world, I have become more and more fascinated with the global. My interests in popular culture and literary texts led me from an introductory course in literature and culture all the way into the Masters program after graduating in 2019. I am interested in narratives of borders and boundaries—especially walls of any kind—and hope to further my academic research in that direction. Other than that I enjoy playing and watching people play  video games, pen & paper and board games, I have a passion for comics and animation, especially anime and manga, and I cook just well enough to sustain myself through all of the above.