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Before entering the American Studies Leipzig MA class of 2018, Daniele Puccio obtained his BA in English and American Culture and Business Studies from the University of Kassel, where he also worked as a student assistant, teaching American history and politics to first-semester students. Until now, his focus of study has been on African American history and culture, particularly the plethora of social and liberation movements since Reconstruction. Inspired by his first semester at ASL, he is determined to engage more deeply with theory, especially with historical materialism and the Black Radical Tradition in order to study the entanglements between the ascendancy of capitalism, (settler-) colonialism, slavery and how these inequalities were governed by different racial regimes in Africa, the Caribbean, and the US. His future plans are to pursue a PhD in American Studies. Aside from academia, he’s been an organizer with the Kasseler Friedensforum. In 2019, he was granted a scholarship from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. His free time is mostly devoted to his partner, friends and family - but also to fierce debates and reckless trash talk around basketball, football, Hip Hop, and how video games always privilege his opponents.