Rinilda Raviraj-Steinhagen

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Even though I am a PR person by trade, I will always be a news junkie at heart. I have a passion for uncovering unique and compelling ways to tell stories and I love the fact that I can help many with their intricate narratives.
I am a proud Medill alumna; in 2013, I completed my undergraduate studies in Journalism with a concentration in African American literature at Northwestern University. I am currently a graduate student at Leipzig University, pursuing a degree in American studies with a focus on international communications. My main areas of research are popular culture, social media, and global relations.
I travel quite a bit, so I have a knack for living out of one bag for an extended period of time. Having spent a good part of my life adapting between India, Qatar, and the US, I consider myself a third culture kid. Leveraging on my never-ending appetite for new cultural experiences and blending it with my academic interests, I am preparing for my eventual return to the corporate public relations world.
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