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After earning my BA degree in the American Studies BA program at the University of Leipzig, I am now enrolled in the American Studies MA program at the same alma mater. The variety of opportunities to express myself in practical projects, which is what the work on aspeers as part of my studies represents, has been the greatest appeal when I decided to stay in Leipzig a little longer. After finishing my MA in 2011, I hope to get into a PhD program at another German university to broaden my horizon on academic learning. In the future, I plan to become a freelance (music) journalist and part-time lecturer for courses on the significance of popular culture in modern society, for this is my main research interest. I'm also interested in the expression and distribution of popular culture via movies, music, art, and media. My studies have always been largely influenced by literature such as life writing, African American literature and the literary examination of sexuality and gender. Furthermore, I have a personal interest in history, contemporary American politics, and transnational relations.