aspeers House Style Updated to MLA 8

During the last editing cycle, the editors of aspeers decided to switch from the seventh edition of the Modern Language Association's guidelines for documenting sources to the eighth, published in 2016. This switch entailed a number of changes and updates to the journal's house style, which has now been updated accordingly.

Please see for the latest guidelines on writing articles intended for submission to aspeers, including information on documenting your sources and details about a few specific deviations from the MLA rules. The changes have gone into effect with the tenth issue.

The individual revisions mainly concern additions or updates necessitated by the switch to MLA 8, such as clarifications on relevant information in bibliographic entries. Additionally, two subsections, on electronic sources and the documentation of video games, were removed, since both topics are adequately covered in the MLA's new stipulations.

If you have questions about or feedback on the aspeers house style while preparing your submission, please feel free to contact us.

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